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My Desktop and The Usual Mess

Here’s what my desk and my desktop would say about me (1) I’m messy Lol! (2) I like being color coordinated. Just thought I’d show you how my usual work desk looks like. This desktop is what I usually use for my digi scrapping, Photoshop tweaking. For some reason I’m more comfortable running heavy apps like Adobe on my desktop. I also like to blog and edit photos here coz I have no choice but to sit upright and forget about being sleepy and lazy so I get things done.

My desktop… My wallpaper is gorgeous right? I don’t have fab views in my windows so I looked for a wallpaper that would make me feel like I’m overlooking some city and found this. I feel like I’m living in some luxurious penthouse just by the looks of it. As you can see my desktop is cluttered with icons. Stuff I need to access easily. Like my Mozilla Thunderbird for my email, three browsers – Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. I also have a Microsoft Reader coz I like reading on downtimes or when I can summon any inspiration. There’s a FileZilla for my FTP needs, short cuts to Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop and the rest are short cuts to my important files.

[singlepic id=57 w=400 h=400 float=center]

My computer is black. All black, even my keyboard coz I think black is better at hiding dust. hahahaha! All the rest are in purple-pink combo. Except for my speaker. This one belongs to hubby, its old and cranky but so vintage looking so I keep it. I don’t listed to music on my desktop, I have a player right beside my desk connected to a speaker with surround sound.

[singlepic id=58 w=400 h=400 float=center]

My mousepad is cute right? Made that with Artscow, love the quality. My mouse is in pink-purple shade. Obviously I love purple. Even my eye glasses are purple. Next to that is a pink-purple glass coaster I crocheted. So why am I bothering posting about this? Nothing, I just feel like blurbing and messing around.


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  1. You call your desktop messy? And how would you call mine – messier? hahaha. I think you don’t have a messy desktop at all. Your icons are fewer than mine and I don’t see any stray photo or document icon there 😛 But I love your wallpaper, now, why didn’t I think about that? There’s not much view outside my house either hahaha.
    By the way, gagayahin kita. Pakitaan ng desktop! hahaha.

    P.S. I see the pink crocheted coaster and the purple specs, too!

  2. hmmm, pseudo organized mess? But the thing is its only me who understands where things are.

    syemps. im looking for a pink-purple speaker!!

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