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My Blogging Fiend

Yes, I do have a blogging troll and fiend. What a blogger essentially needs is consistent internet connection and a reliable computer. Since I’m quite serious about my blogs and my online projects, I am quite OC when it comes to my net connection and the computers I use. When I’m in Phnom Penh I blog on my desktop. And all my files are synchronized on a laptop just in case I need to travel.

When I’m on the move I always bring along my trusty old Acer laptop. I love the speed and huge disk space I can stash my photos in and it has been serving me well for the past 5 years. But alas! last week it just conked out. And I was pissed coz I have lots of work to catch up on and still have to do some research on SSDI benefits. I refused to believe that good old lappie has left me high dry and cold, so the next day I brought it to the service center while mentally crossing my fingers and hoping it would survive. But the technician said its a motherboard problem and the cost of fixing it would be almost the same as buying a new one.

I’m sad. I have a hard time letting go of things like this. It’s like a constant companion has left me and my blogging bff has suddenly turned into my blogging fiend. Sigh. So what else can I do but buy a new one. I need it badly and its also the easiest way for me to communicate with my family in Phnom Penh while I’m marooned here in the Philippines for an indefinite time. But the new one I bought is also an Acer. Hahaha. I think I really have serious issues about letting go but I’m quite happy with the new purchase. It has the latest processors, have a bigger disk space and the speed I’m actually happy with.

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