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Mom’s Finds: Something To Keep Us Organized

We’ll, here we go. This is exactly what I need. Most mom’s I think have this predicament. You have a gazillion things to do and you don’t know which one to do first and eventually you forgot to do some of those things.

Home making is one very tough job and its really no laughing matter specially for mom’s like me who has no helpers to ease the work load. I am a stay-at-home mom. I work from home but still my priority is to keep the house clean and habitable =), take care of my child and husband, prepare food, take care of errands and a whole lot more. Working onlineĀ  just happens now if I’ve got spare time.

I always wish there’s more than 24 hours each day. But that remains a wish haha.. Now the next best thing to do is to keep myself organized and have a schedule. And I love my lists. For me its a must, otherwise I keep forgetting things and appointments.

I have my notebook around with me always for my lists, and on my desktop I always have Taskwise running so I could keep up with things I need to do.I’ve been browsing stationery sites and SeeJaneWork has an amazing collection of checklists and forms that we could all use. Here’s just some..

Weekly Scheduler

weekly scheduler

Delegate Lists.. the “Would You” Pad

delegate list - would you notepad

Kids Lists

kids chore list

Mom’s Agenda Note Pads

moms agenda note pad

moms agenda note pad

moms agenda note pad

moms agenda note pad

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