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Mom’s A Thrifter..

I think my being a thrifter is in my genes lol! I never really paid much attention before to my mom’s shopping habits. But spending time at home now made me realize, she is one awesome shopper. And her shopping weaknesses? Home items and bags. Lots of bags. And we have loads of closets filled with her collection of bedsheets, curtains, decorative items and whatnots. And she doesn’t stop there, her kitchen cabinets resemble a department store display center. She collects crockery and is absolutely crazy about pots and pans. Hoarding these items is her passion she tells me.

And she’s an excellent thrift hunter! I just discovered majority of our curtains at home are from bargain shops! Lucky her she made friends with lots of second hand store owners and they give her a call the moment a new package arrives. Here’s just one of her find that I am so envious of. Six panels of gauzy curtains with a really elegant and feminine design. All of these for just a few hundred pesos!!

the room I’m staying in right now…sorry for the mess hehe 🙂

I’m so envious, I want it for my self hehe I think I had to do my bit of courting so she’d give it to me. I also asked her to grab some for me next time and to also be on the lookout for hot tub cover for me.

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