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My Online Shopping Mistake..

I posted last time how miffed I was about my delayed order. And I was really pissed off, since I ordered the items for awhile already and it was showing on my order page and saying ‘pending’. Still, I waited.

I contacted their customer service, via chat, email and FB. But no response so that’s a negative for them.

After almost one month of getting no response and updates, I am thinking maybe the transaction didn’t go through. So, I checked my bank and no charge was made. SIGH. Apparently an error in the site’s payment processing occurred. My mistake for now checking sooner.

BUT!!! Why no update from the shop? Why make me wait like a lunatic when I could easily have resubmitted my order. Now, I’m extra wary about doing the transaction again. Even if they have really hot deals, I would think twice.

But since this time, I really need the items I ordered I might give them a second chance.

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