Rambling On

Missing Home

So badly…

More often than not, homesickness hits me during Holy Week.

It’s not party time back home in the Philippines. It’s a sad, reflective season. You won’t hear any heavy metal music¬†wrecking havoc on your eardrums. Yet, on all seasons, this is what I miss most.

Because, Holy Week is our together time as a family. Most of the clan comes home, we go to church together, we have quiet but nice family bbq’s, we go to the beach. Then there’s also the procession. Our family has taken care of a religious statue used during the procession. Jesus Christ in the Agony in the Garden scene. He has been with the family for several generations already, in fact were the 5th generation to take care of it.

And before the procession, it’s a mad time fixing the huge convey used to carry the statue around the town for the procession. Everything needs to be fixed – lighting, generators/batteries, decorations etc.

Then we’d all bring him over to the church square and the procession commences in the early evenings.. This happens on Holy Wednesday as well as on Good Fridays. Black Saturdays are usually quiet downtimes spent only at home or in church. Then Easter Sunday is a merry merry time.

Gah!!!! I just miss home so much. And it hasn’t even been 4 months since I last went there. I wish I could spend Holy Week in the Philippines next year. That’s a new goal. I’ve got to rearrange my schedule for that..

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