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Missin’ Thrifting!

You know what I miss?


It’s been a few months already and I haven’t set foot inside a thrift shop. And that seriously frustrates me.  I miss it and this self-imposed thrifting hiatus is hard on a hard core thrifter like me.

One big reason why I’m on thrifting diet is that, I have too many clothes and bags. A big portion of them thrifted. I know I keep saying oh, they are just cheap, they don’t cost as much as new stff, but they do pile up. And that defeats the purpose of going thrift.

So what I’m doing now is digging through my piles of stuff and segregating, organizing. I have them packed for charities and I actually feel good about having lots more space in the closet.

Another thing, I resolve now to just purchase really one of a kind, needed thrift buys.

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