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Meet Gandalf aka Simon

His name is Gandalf (of course, from the Lord of the Rings character) but kiddo decided we’ll just call him Simon.

I’m talking about the latest addition to our family…a puppy!

Simon aka Gandalf Our new dog

Our neighbor’s dog had several puppies and they mentioned they couldn’t possibly take care of all of them. So they asked us if we wanted to adopt one. We did have second thoughts not because we did not want a dog but we do travel often so what happens to him if were not around. Thankfully, our nice neighbor said they are willing to take care of Simon whenever we had to travel.

So now we have this utterly adorable pet. I just love the way he wiggles his butt and the way he’d run and jump up whenever we arrive home. He’s also a little menace coz he managed to chew a lot of my plants and more so when he unpotted several of my orchid seedlings. But I can’t have the heart to be angry, when he looks at me with that adoring puppy eyes.

I’m really a goner again.

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