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Manic Monday 04

What’s the main thing that builds your self-confidence and why?
Knowing that whatever the outcome of what I decide to do would make me a better person. Knowing that somebody is beside me, supporting me, cheering me on. Knowing that even if I’m not sure I would still give my best shot to whatever I’m doing.
What lessons in humility have you learned over the course of your life?
I had a lot of plans that have seen failure. I made a lot of mistakes, well nothing ‘major, major’ but a lot of them caused me pain. But I guess, it makes good things in life and victory a lot more sweet knowing how it was when I was down.

Another thing that humbles me no end is the unconditional love my child gives us. I keep asking myself, for all my mistakes I still got this and that I guess would be the most humbling yet gratifying gift I ever got.
How do you combat negative thoughts?

Praying. Steeling myself to think positively. Read success stories and motivational quotes. Eating ice cream. Talking to friends and loved ones. Eating ice cream again..

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