Rambling On

Manic Monday 03

Fill in the blank: If I had a nickel for every time I…


play with the strands of my hair..I like feeling the uneven, curly bits and it has become an obsession already


What do you think about while you exercise?


a picture of myself when I was thinner..Lol!


What are 5 things you love about your spouse/partner/significant other (or children or pet)?


(1) He makes me laugh. Especially when he dances..

(2) He never lets me down and always takes care of me and Chinks.

(3) He’s matured and understands my strange habits and he’s very even tempered. Definitely my match..

(4) The way he wants to go with me, and mostly only with me to the malls to do shopping and people watching coz he says I’m the only one who ‘gets’ the way he picks holes on everything.

(5) The way he farts near me and just look for me so he could do that. He says it just means I’m the only one he trusts to smell his heavenly fart.

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  1. My husband is terrible in dancing. I usually joke around with him saying that when God showered us with two legs, a right and left leg, he was way behind that he got only two left legs. LOL! Hope you have time to blog hop into my world. Mine's up as well here.

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