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But of course, I had to write something about my never ending quest for a smaller waist line! I guess now I wouldn’t be me if I’m not constantly on a diet. Actually when I was a teenager, I hardly gave much thought to my diet and exercising. I wasn’t thin, I was not fat either so I didn’t really care much.

It was only after I gave birth that I started gaining a lot of weight. Although I lost all the post-baby weight after a few months, I gained it all back when I quit work and decided to be a stay at home mom. I worked at home mostly sitting down and it didn’t help matters. I also love to cook and hubby is an exceptional cook. The only difference between me and him is that, I eat = weight gain. Him, he eats like its his last but he never gains an inch. I’ve known him for over twelve years already but I don’t recall a time when he ever needed weight loss pills for men.

Anyway, back to my weight loss quest, last December I started a south beach diet and it has worked wonders. I lost several kilos, then I slacked off. This April though I was in a bit of panic mode coz my sister is insisting I’ll be her matron-of-honor on her wedding in January 2012. Yikes! There’s no getting out of it.

At least now I have something concrete to motivate me. My aim is to be 50-55 kgs. before December hits. So I’ve been back to dieting. I eat lots of veggies, fish and fruits. Aside from that the past two weeks I had been back to lifting weights. I want toned arms. Period. I can’t wear sleeveless with the current state of my arms. It’ll be gross.

I had also been regularly exercising and I found what works for me to sweat out. I set aside 30 minutes daily to dance. Yes, dance. I do Hip Hop Abs dancing, and every weekend I pop in an all-dance CD and dance for about an hour. Just recently, a blogging friend got me interested in Zumba, and I’ve downloaded the basics video and loving it! I love to dance. I might sound boastful, but truth is, I’m pretty good at it and I also enjoy it. So, I’m really loving Zumba’s Carribbean and Latino beats.

And the weighing scale has paid me a reward for the current efforts! In under a week, I lost 2.5 kgs. I hope to lose more this coming week once I get into Zumba. 😀 Wish me lots of luck!

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