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I always have lots to do. Even that I think is an understatement. As I type this up, there are a whole lot of things on my list to do and its on my mind. I still haveĀ  to do some tweaking to a client site, I have to do keyword research for a new project. And before I could do all that, its night time already and I’ve got to rush and prepare dinner.

That’s life for me, always hurrying and getting frazzled. And for sometime I felt like my body is not coping and sometimes I binge eat, just to get the sugar rush. But I decided, no more. I have to make my body extra fit and also reserve a time for myself.

Yoga for beginners

So for two weeks now I’ve been doing beginner yoga. Simple, basic yoga and its doing me wonders. At first I used an a mobile app to learn basic poses. And guess what, in just a day or two, my sore shoulder and back muscles started to loosen up. And I’m learning more how to control my breathing which really helps calm me down.

I’m not sure I’ll enroll in advanced classes coz group classes aren’t really my thing and the second reason, I don’t have time. So I’m seriously doing some home yoga workout. It’s to keep me balanced, centered and I feel really good about getting time to be introspective, to meditate.

For now I’m doing breathing yoga, AM yoga program based on Iyengar in the mornings. Every other day, I also do seated and standing yoga (basic hatha) and every evening I do PM yoga program from Iyengar. It’s just crazy how well my body is responding to these really gentle stretches. I feel more nimble, more energetic and sleep comes in so easily.

I have two basic beginner yoga DVD’s on my wishlist. Wanna have this for Christmas..(all items from

Yoga Journal’s Step By Step 3-DVD Set with Natasha Rizopoulos – I want this set. Natasha Rizopoulos is known as the ‘yoga beginner guru’ since she has that great skill in explaining the poses. A must have for beginner yoga student.

Yoga Journal's Step By Step 3-DVD Set with Natasha Rizopoulos


Mark Blanchard’s Progressive Power Yoga 3-DVD Set – while I’m into yoga to relax and be more flexible and toned, I wouldn’t mind getting into power yoga to burn off calories later on. I think this will be my next buy once I’m sort of more into intermediate level.

Mark Blanchard's Progressive Power Yoga 3-DVD Set


If you have back pains, stiff muscles, or you want to tone muscles or even just for a beginning stretch for a more intense workout, yoga is really a must try. It does have a lot of health benefits and what’s more I find myself really calming down and relaxing.


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