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Little D-I-Y Project

Our weekends are now usually fully packed. And nope, were not gallivanting around, checking out restos. We just have a project going on for a couple of weeks already that is occupying much of our time.

DIY Home Improvement

Our DIY home improvement project: kitchen renovation. We’ve decided to fix the flooring, we used to have wood flooring but as the country we live in is in the tropics and pretty humid, so the wood flooring was prone to being attacked by termites. Now we want it cemented and were thinking of adding ceramic or vinyl tiles.

Then were want to have the whole kitchen painted, I’m thinking in block colors, for a more modern and sunny look.

The main reason we’ve decided to do it ourselves, even if we know its a lot of work and would take time considering how busy our schedules are, is because hiring workers here for smaller projects can be a pain in the neck. Skilled workers usually prefer to undertake bigger projects, and we don’t want to be saddled with unskilled workers who needs a lot of supervision and would render a subpar work. We’ve done that before and we didn’t like the results and it was a big waste of money since we had to rehire somebody else to fix it.

So now, we’re taking our time, fixing stuff here and there when we have free time. And its amazing and fun way to spend weekends together. Would you believe we get to bond and doing work like this is therapeutic.

I’m so looking forward to our finished product..

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