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LightintheBox – Mini Gadget Haul

I shop a lot online. Why? It’s convenient, I get to grab items that are unique and big savings too. That is something a thrift hunter like me won’t resist. I usually go to wholesale sites, private sale event sites as well as auction sites for my buys. And since a lot of people seems to be interested in ‘shopping haul’ posts as well as seeing reviews of items purchased online, then I’ll be including my hauls on this site as well. Lately also, I’ve been exploring Asia based sites. It just caught my interest coz most items are cheap and the shipping not that hard on the pocket since I’m living in Asia too.

Just recently I tried to purchase cheap electronics from LightintheBox. A China based online shop specializing in affordable non-branded electronics. I wrote a review about the phone and MP3 + accessories I bought from LightintheBox. I was moderately impressed with the whole thing specially the price and I’m all the more impressed coz till now all items I bought are still working. LOL! I was expecting it to konk out a week after it got here. But yay! I got more confidence now that at least I have a good chance this things will actually work. This is definitely one shop to check out for small gadgets but I wouldn’t recommend searching for big ticket items there like laptops here. Go to the real shop for that.

I did another round of shopping at LightintheBox, but this time it was a mini haul. Mostly small things that I find hard to buy here in Phnom Penh. Small gadgetry from LightintheBox and their gadget shop – MiniintheBox usually comes with free shipping so I was giddy. Here are the goodies.

LightintheBox Mini Haul
the package…
LightintheBox Mini Shopping Haul
Bubble Wrapped to the Hilt!

What’s inside:

Laptop cooling pad – $7.99 {link}

Lightinthebox Mini Shopping Haul
The box..A bit battered but whole..
LightintheBox Mini Shopping Haul
Cooling Pad. The material was a bit thinner than I expected. This would be easily breakable. But it works and quietly so. I’m Neutral on this. 😐 – 3/3

2.5″ SATA External HDD Enclosure – $7.66 {link}


LightintheBox Mini Shopping Haul
2.5″ SATA HDD Enclosure.
LightintheBox MIni Shopping Haul
Easy to assemble and Very cheap. Love this! Now my spare HDD is portable! – 4/5

Wallet Leather Case for iPhone – $6.99 {link}

LightintheBox Mini Shopping Haul
Faux Leather iPhone Case. Nice.
LightintheBox Mini Shopping Haul
Nice stitching. I’m in two minds though about the vividness of the blue fabric. But since the owner likes it….4/5

Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab – $14.09 {link}

LightintheBox Mini Shopping Haul
Faux Leather Galaxy Tab Case. Nice Craftsmanship. Not a Stitch Out of Place.
LightintheBox Mini Shopping Haul
Fits Snuggly. 4.5/5


Shipping Cost: Free!

Total Cost: $36.73


Since they gave free shipping for the items, they sent it via registered air mail. LITB told me it would take 15-30 days for the package to reach me but I guess the post is faster than expected? Coz in less than 2 weeks from the date of order, the package was already here. :)) Not bad.

I guess, I would take a Light in the Box diet first for now. I found another site to shop on {mainly fashion and beauty stuff} so it’ll be sometime before you guys would see a LITB haul.

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