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It’s something you can’t stop from happening. Life that is. Oh! Why am I so melancholic? I haven’t really been feeling ‘good’ the past few days. The last few days have been filled with work (thank God!), lots of errands (whew!), some coffee breaks with friends and my sister (yipee!) and some weird ‘I don’t want this’ to happen sort of situations.

I was actually looking forward to a nice, laid back Saturday. I planned to oversleep but alas the planets I think weren’t aligned for me to do that. My nephew arrived early and with my 12 year old niece. She has been ‘harassing’ him to bring her over to our house and this has been happening for the past weeks already. I don’t really mind most of the time coz at least my daughter has someone to play with.

But sometimes its just so darn inconvenient. Like, Chinks and I were planning to spend the day together doing some window shopping, have coffee and she’ll get her playtime in the mall. But since her cousin was around that won’t be possible. I don’t actually dislike her I just have some reservations about her spending too much time around my daughter but what can I do she’s her cousin. I just have to keep watch most of the time. She’s a very very stubborn kid, and sometimes lacks manners too and I don’t want my daughter to pick that up.

Anyway we still ended up going to the mall, with the “Pinkie Big Cousin” in tow. I’m calling her Pinkie Big Cousin from now on coz she’s mostly always dressed in Pink hehe..Good thing, my sister-in-law picked her up early coz they were also going somewhere.

Sunday was a leisurely day for me. Woke up late. Oh, heavenly! And just lazed around. Did some digi scrapbooking kit work and then hooked up with Facebook and had a fight with someone. Lol! I meant someone was saying nasty things about me, and I just had to defend myself. I don’t wanna dwell on that since well, things like that happen. Some people really has an inflated idea of who they are and if you miss acknowledging that they are THAT big time, they would get pissed. Hmm.. Patience, patience..I am in much need of this commodity.

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