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Learn Something Creative. Everyday.

Feel like your creative side is slowly fading out? Need to find new inspiration?

Let’s be honest, sometimes even the creative hobby that we enjoy immensely can suddenly become tedious and boring. Sometimes, you get to a point where you wonder, what exactly are you doing, doing this crafty, cluttering thing here.

How do you rekindle the passion for creating? How do you get inspired to produce more ideas?

For me, learning something new and creative, ALWAYS, gets me inspired and motivated. I’m innately curious about how to do this and that specially when I see products and ideas that are creatively exquisite. I knew next to nothing about digital scrapbooking, but I was interested in Photoshop and when I had a baby, I was madly curious how I can make those cutesy scrap pages other moms seems to churn out beautifully. So I taught myself how to do it, and I’m still learning till now.

And guess what, the learning journey is what makes it more fun. Plus of course, you get to create beautiful things.

So yes, always try to learn something new. Everyday.

Where will I learn? What will I learn? You may just ask yourself these questions. Thankfully, the internet is brimful of ideas of what you can learn. But to start off, here’s one site I would recommend if you intend to learn something beautiful and creative: Craftsy¬†Craft Classes.

Take for instance, this is a really good class on learning the basics of a sewing machine, for those interested in going for sewing crafts..and best of all, its FREE!

Sewing Machine Basics Class
Free Sewing Machine Basics Online Class

They offer a great list of crafting classes at very affordable prices. What’s more they also have useful Free Mini Crafting Classes you can try. I’ve personally enrolled on a lot of their crochet and knitting classes and can’t wait to try out their food and cooking, photography and cake decorating classes.

Right now, I am also taking Basics of Digital Photography (w/ Rick Allred) as I’m also rabidly interested in taking beautiful photographs. I’ll be reporting back on another blog post about my online class experience once I finish the series.

Check out some of these creative crafting classes..

Now go, get inspired. Have fun learning something new.

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