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Laptop for the Kiddo

Something we had been mulling about. I know laptops are now dime a dozen, everyone seems to have it but we did have to think about if its now the right time to buy our daughter her own computer. We don’t want her spoiled of course, and we did encourage her to save and contribute to this purchase.

What tipped our decision to buy her a new one would be her constant use of it for school projects. She uses it often to research, write docs , make presentations and sometimes she plays games. All of her computer activities are monitored of course. Call me a control freak but I refuse to give her carte blanche when it comes to computer and internet usage.

Anyway, we agreed on giving her a laptop for her birthday and she also agreed to contribute a few $ on it. The reason for this is that I want her to value this, if she gave something hard earned then I’m pretty sure she would be careful with it. She’s been beaming for days now!

We chose something not too expensive and running reasonably well and settled on this Samsung NPR370R. Which I think is a pretty good buy with 2GB | 500 GB memory and a licensed Windows 8. Got it for only $385.

Samsung NPR370R

Now she is happily playing and ‘working’ on it.

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