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Land Hunting?

Hubby and I have started checking some lots around Phnom Penh suburbs. For now we have lot/house in the city but the road going in narrow and proves to be problem in terms of parking. We want to hold on to it for awhile since the location is really nice. Quiet, easy access to market and it takes a few minutes to go to city centre. The problem with parking and the limited space is a big one though.

So we have both decided to convert this place into a flat to rent out, find another place to build a flat. We have looked in the the nearby areas but the prices are just too much, inflated if you ask me. Real estate price here in Phnom Penh is unregulated so prices are astronomically high.

House Hunting

We both want a bigger space and had been looking at the areas around Phnom Penh and figured we want to go for some place with some space for a small garden and a playarea for kids. Finding a place with potential is hard and we have to be picky coz money is hard too.

For now, we’re saving up like mad to convert our current place into something that can generate income, buy another home and get our dream farm/weekend home. Hmm,  I guess I’m going to look forward to decorating! Ha!

Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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