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Kitchen Fun: Make Your Own Ice Pops

Last time I was hopping online and saw this really cool quick ice pop maker from Williams-Sonoma. Its the Zoku Quick Pop Maker!
zoku ice pop maker

zoku ice pop maker

zoku ice pop maker

I wanted something like this coz the kiddo has been asking for some ice pops and ice candy. I actually forbade her from buying that from stores here in Phnom Penh coz were not sure if the water they used is clean and safe. So the next best thing is to make it ourselves.

zoku ice pop maker

This Zoku Pop Maker gave me that idea. But since I cannot buy it online from here, I just scoured the supermarkets here and I found a pop maker at Lucky Supermarket! It only cost less than $2 and could make 6 pops each time.

We made a few chocolate and oranged flavored pops. I’ll take a photo soon. I’m just too lazy to get up from my comfy seat now. Lol! Anyway, the pops from my not-quite Zoku pop maker turned out great.

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  1. Ayy, I like this!! And yes, I have the ice pop makers from Lucky, too, and sent it to Roxas. It’s great for my nephew and nieces who are, by the way,┬áice-candy monsters. Now the only complain I heard from them — is it’s too small daw. hahaha. Imagine two each, kinukulang pa sila?

  2. ang nice naman ng zoku pop maker na iyan…cute! anyway, like you and Z, meron din kaming ice pop makers from Lucky din, hehehe, CJ got it before, nakita nung isinama ko sa Lucky, and now he is enjoying it from time to time…we are putting juice lang! hehehe!

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