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My daughter is soon turning nine. And one thing I learned from her: kids have an overactive mind. She’s always active, chattering a mile a minute, doing this and that, building, crafting, the whole smorgasbord.

The last two years she had this crazy fascination with dogs, and would talk dogs, and whatnots and she even decided she wanted to be a vet when she grows up. Then after a while, the love for dogs shifted to love for snakes. Yes, snakes.

Thankfully she outgrew this and lately she has been talking and drawing non-stop about macaws. And asking me for a plane ticket to Brazil just so she could see a real live blue macaw.

She makes a lot of stories and she also loves doing story boards. So I always stock up on drawing pads, and a big whiteboard and lots of whiteboard markers. Once she gets home and doesn’t have homework, she starts doodling ideas on this board.

And I noticed she penned this in the morning just before waiting for the school bus to pick her up:

Kids Doodles

Lol! She really does live in the ‘computer age’. She explains that this is just a preview so I could wait and look forward to what she will write and draw when she gets home. Cool, I have a really neat and cool kid.

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