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Kiddo’s Little Hotel Biz

I really had some LOL’s with this. Last weekend, the kiddo was playing ‘hotel’. She was pretending our house was a hotel and so on. She said this was inspired by the time management PC game – Hotel Dash. So ok, I went along and played with her. She assigned us each a role.

Mom – chef

Aunt Uwe – waitress, chambermaid

Dad – cashier/reception

The Kiddo – the boss.

Uh! Yeah, she did tell us she’s the boss. Then she was up and about making notes which she stuck in our front door. What made me crack up was this little hotel menu she made..

Lol! You can actually see her ‘kiddie priorities’.  Note R, refers to Riels the Cambodian currency.

See is using the no-frills concept of a hotel lol! Uuse of bathroom – 200R; bedroom – 100R, sofa – 100R, umbrella – 100 R. But the pricier stuff are these: Motorbike – $6, Watch TV – 600 R, Read books – 200 R, Play Wii – 500 R and Play Toys – 1000 R.

I, ‘complained’ of course and asked her why the bedroom/bathroom/sofa is cheaper than playing her toys and her wii? She said, of course Mom,  PLAYING IS IMPORTANT. So there goes her hotel list.  Hahaha the kiddo strikes again.


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  1. @Sam, true. I asked her too what if I don’t ‘order’ the bedroom, sabi nya you sleep on floor. hahaha

    @IntheCompanyofMe, hayaan ko lang baka yumaman eh. hahaha

  2. hahahha .. I like it … see now adays kids are very smart.
    I like the attitude that at her age she want to be the boss , not the receptionist !!! well done !!! chicks

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