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Kiddo Says: Thank You, Santa

No, I know and the kiddo knows its not yet Christmas. So why is she thanking Santa right now? This is actually one of those moments that the kiddo had me rolling on the floor laughing. Last time, she asked me if I had Santa’s mobile number so she could ‘text’ him her Christmas wish. Then she wondered if it’s better to just chat with Santa on Skype so Santa could better understand.

That actually had me stupefied for a few seconds. Lol! Anyway, I told her to write a short note to Santa and Mommy will just take care of sending it. That was a few days ago.

And oh, her Christmas wish for Santa is a Water Gun! I tried persuading her to ask for something different (that’s me being scared I’ll be the first target of the water gun..), something she could use more, maybe some educational toys, or a dress! But to no avail.

That was a few days ago, then yesterday when she came home from school she was almost quivering with excitement and she said, she made a card. And this is what she wrote inside the card…

Thank You Santa

Hahaha! Talk about preemptive action. She’s scared I might convince Santa not to giver her the water gun so she already made the thank you card. Lol! I guess she’s really one smart kiddo! It’s the same this as her refusing to put a stocking coz she says the space is small so she hangs a huge plastic bag. Just in case, ¬†Santa has an extra gift.

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