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Kiddo Quips: Ghost

For awhile there I truly lost track of what I am blogging about. I missed posting about what happens daily in our lives. Life really gets in a way specially when its a bit hectic.

And one of the things I always want to share here is my daughter’s really awesome quips. If you’ve got kids, you also know what I am talking about. Kids says really the awesomest things. And hopefully I would be more diligent in writing all about it here.

On to my story of the latest kiddo quips.

Two nights ago, my ten year old kiddo and I had been talking about what we want to become in the future. She has been telling me that she wants to be an architect or an interior designer. Yup, she’s pretty much inclined towards creative careers. She loves to draw, build and design stuff. ¬†Creative stuff except for music. I gather she doesn’t have an inclination towards that.

After a short discussion of her ‘career choices’, she got quiet and told me,

‘You know what Mommy, I also want to be a ghost after I die when I’m old! Like when I’m really old, then I will die, I have decided to be a ghost.’

I asked, really? Why would you want to be a ghost?

And she said, ‘ It’ll be the coolest thing ever to be able to go through a wall.’


There you have it. My future ghost.

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