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Gotta give myself some online surfing love. I’ve been a good girl all week. Hahaha I’ve been really diligent with exercising so I will reward myself with an extra hour of surf shopping. At least that’s what I told myself this morning. You’ve got to love internet surf shopping. I always stumble across cool things. I think window surf shopping online is much more to my taste. But then again that’s me. I consider all things related to shopping, as something important. Lol.

Here’s one of awesome things I found this morning. A Mother and Daughter Letter Book available at Uncommon Goods.

Mother And Daughter Treasured Passages

The book itself has a very touching back story:

Whitney Biggs
When faced with the untimely death of her mother to cancer, and then a bout with the disease herself, Whitney Biggs realized that her small children would grow up not knowing their grandmother or, possibly, even herself. Gathering the little notes and lists she found in her mother’s desk, Biggs decided to make sure her young ones would have something to remember her by in the event of a tragedy, and that others everywhere could do the same. Treasured Passages is a collection of letter books for people of all walks of life: mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and couples. They were created to fill a void when instant communication isn’t possible, and to serve as treasured keepsakes to pass down through the generations. Biggs and her partners, Sabra Miller and Janice Maples, believe chronicled memories are the best gifts you can give your loved ones, and that saying “yes to life” and taking pleasure in the little things is the way to be.

I think this would make a lovely lovely gift to any mom..

They also have other versions of the book: Friends Letter Book Set, Sisters Letter Book Set and Couples Letter Book Set.

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