soft pastel yarns
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Kawaii Yarn Fever

I did confess to being a Pinterest failure but that’s not to say I don’t have a drop of crafty blood in me. I can draw fairly well, I’m a rabid digital scrapbooker and I can do a bit of crocheting. BUT I’m an utter failure at knitting and all other DIY cutesy stuff you can see on Pinterest. My DIY party theme efforts had been dismal at best. So now I stick to what I know and to be honest its less stressful now.

I suffer from another pitfall though. I’m just an uncontrollable shop’oholic when it comes to yarns and the past year, I’ve been obsessively buying yarns online. I’ve been partial to unique yarns and also those candy colored kawaii yarns from Korea, Japan and China. Seriously, Aliexpress and Gmarket has been a wallet burner for me, but I just cant resist hoarding them. I’ve taken to forcibly making some design work and online searching mundane things like guitar center hours of operation just to draw my eyes away from these yummy looking yarns!!

soft pastel yarns
Cute Pastel Colored Yarns

And you know what my biggest problem is? I don’t know what to make of them!! They are more suitable for knitting and I hate knitting. So for the past few months, some of these gorgeousness has been languishing on my craft boxes! Yarn sacrilege if you ask me. So after being so undecided for months on end, last June, I decided to clear it all out. With heavy heart I gave it to my niece who took a fancy to knitting. I was sad to see them off but I was really tickled pink when she made something out of their cuteness.

If anyone is interested where I got these cute pastel baby yarns, this batch I bought off from Gmarket Korea.

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