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Hi guys! I went on  blogging hibernation mode. Lol. It all started out on my birthday and I’m still afflicted with the ‘lazy flu’. But while I wasn’t blogging, I was still hanging around the internet making …travel plans! Yup, I was hit with the travel bug and been planning like crazy a a few travels and vacations for this year.

They are mostly around Cambodia and neighboring countries because I can’t afford yet to go someplace real far. I also plan to go home to the Philippines more often. And while everything else is in ‘planning’ at the very least we have three trips that is confirmed. One to Kuala Lumpur in June and we’ll be staying for a couple of days and it’ll be bonding with my sister and my daughter. Then we’ll also be traveling to Manila, then Legazpi and we’ll stay there for about a week.

Travel Luggages

I’m still convincing my mom to travel back with us in June and she could stay here in Phnom Penh for some weeks but she has a few construction projects so I doubt if I could actually convince her. Also we’ve decided were celebrating Christmas in the Philippines and I’m crazy excited with this prospect as it has been 5 years since I last had Christmas with my mom and siblings. We’re also thinking of going to Cebu with the family during New Year but we’ll see how this plan would pan out and fit in. I think if the weather is fine during that season then we’ll push through.

As for hubby, well he has more travel plans than us and would probably be spending the last half of the year in another country. He also has a lot of travels lined up starting from May so he’s not included in our leisure travel plans hahaha coz he says he really needs a break from all those plane rides. It tires him out.

Having made all those plans now, I just realize I need money. Seriously. Hahaha. I need some shopping money specially for our KL trip. I plan to do some shopping and buy myself a gift. And when I say gift, I’m not referring to cubic zirconia rings, but something a little more pricey and nice. I’m thinking of a nice watch and a bag.

So, I have to save. From now! Wish me luck!


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