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It’s not funny. Really its not when every time I open all my blogs theres a long list of spam comments I have to delete. Thankfully Blogger now has spam moderation coz one of my blogger blogs just gets too much spam comments. It’s not really a big problem with my WordPress blogs since I have Akismet and Bad Behavior plugins installed and these two does most of the work for me. I just need to delete what they marked as spam.
Anyway, here’s what I got pissed about. A few days ago, this ‘person’ (though I’m willing to bet this is some automated commenting software) just kept posting spam comment on two of my blogs and they were promoting some traffic avalanche scam. I just ignored it and it went directly to my comments trash.
But these morning its back again and with a nerve to berate me for daring to delete his/her comments!! Wow!
Why have you deleted my post? It was very useful information and i assure atleast one person found it helpful unlike the rest of the comments on this site. I’ll post it again. Sick of obtaining low numbers of useless traffic for your site? Well i wish to tell you about a new underground tactic that makes myself $900 every day on 100% AUTOPILOT. I could truthfully be here all day and going into detail but why dont you just check their website out? There is really a great video that explains everything. So if your seriously interested in producing easy hard cash this is the site for you. Auto Traffic Avalanche
Duncan Uxa
Well, I’m sorry to be the one to disillusion you Mr. Duncan Uxa that I own the blog and I’ve got every right to do as I please. Now take your BS somewhere else and get out of my hair. 

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