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Just Doodles: Sweaty Dog

The Kiddo was at it again. During weekends, I usually give her some time off to play her computer games. This is her usual routine: play burger shop for a couple of minutes, then she’d move on to or e-cooking games or Those are the only sites she’s allowed to go to.

A lot of times, she’d be bored with gaming. Kids do have short attention spans, so she hops on to her next thing: doodling with MS Paint.

Here’s her take on ‘Dog Sweating Under the Hot Sun’. I asked her what is the flower for. She said, “’Why, Mommy. It’s to make things look prettier.” Heh. Dense Mommy.

She keeps complaining about the mouse, and she finds it hard to draw with it. But she is gaining good control of it to be able to muster drawing with it for hours. That’s why I wanted to have a graphic tablet. It would make illustration a lot easier for both of us.

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  1. @Thanks Tita Z! Yes she’s good at picking colors. And I’ve got lots more of these doodles.. hehe..Can’t wait to teach her how to use a tablet. She even starting to be curious about Gimp and Inkscape so I think she’s into it. I’m not pushing her though just let her explore and do her thing.
    At least now she has an alternative ambition; to be a painter daw. Eh dati to be a bus driver. lol!

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