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Just Doodles: Plants vs. Zombies

It’s been eons since I last posted my daughter, Chinkee’s doodles. She still is doodling but now she’s mostly doodling on paper. Last time I got to save some of her work coz she loves doodling on Paint and CorelDraw. But now that she prefers her drawings on paper, I rarely can keep track of it. She keeps it everywhere! And it drives me crazy just trying to rein in on her paper chaos but I also don’t want to stem the growth of creativity so I just bought her a huge file plastic storage and keep her paper files there.

A few days ago, I got some time to sort out her things and found these..

Just Doodles: Plants vs Zombies

She’s currently obsessing on Plants vs Zombies game and I guess she loves the look of the plants there so she doodled what she could remember. I love it! And I’m darn proud she could draw something very like the actual character all from memory. I had a real fun time looking at her new drawings! For sure I’ll be posting more doodles next time :).

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  1. You have given a very talented daughter. Being able to draw most of the characters of plants vs. zombies,it cannot be denied that she has really a talent in drawing and I can prove that!

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