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Just Adorable Luggage Accessories

I just needed a bit of ‘window shopping relief’. Ha! I woke up this morning feeling a bit morose. o I grabbed a cup of steaming coffee and settled in front of my computer and surf shopped Gmarket.

Gmarket for me is like a decadent pastry. All the yummy goodness is there, in this case, shopping goodness. Hahaha.

And after a few clicks here and there I stumbled across some really really adorable luggage accessories.

Not Your Bag Luggage Tag (Seller Link) – Just what I need. 🙂

Cute Luggage Tags

Passport Holders and Tag Sets (Seller Link) – I want want want the Paris Passport Holder.

Vintage Passport Holder

Luggage Accessories - Luggage Tags

Cute Luggage Tags

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