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Just a Lazy Sunday..

Uh oh, I had a couple of posts on draft for this blog but I totally forgot to post it. Whew! And now, its kinda stale already. Hmm, so much for trying to get rid of my procrastination habit. My excuse is well, I’m busy. Lol! Pretty lame, but then, if you are a mom and also trying to work from home too on top of all the house chores, things do tend to pile up and before knowing it you’re way behind your schedule already.

But in any case, I have a bit of time today to do some blogging. Yesterday, we went around computer shops canvassing for a wireless router and a replacement laptop battery for my sister. We spent the day just walking around, having lunch in a local Cambodian burger shop, then we dropped by another mall so my daughter could have some playtime, then we did our weekly grocery shopping.

Today, its Sunday and I decided to be lazy for once. So Chinks and I woke up really late. We had our breakfast at around 10 am and the we decided to go to Russian Market for some shopping. We bought a couple of kids shirts coz Chinks is growing and now looks really funny (haha like she’s about to burst!) with her shirts. I also got myself a pretty looking (and fake! Hermes) faux leather wallet for only $6. Hehe..

Then we went on and bought take out food for lunch.Then spent the afternoon just lazing in bed, me browsing the net and Chinks watching cartoons. Hmmm, I think I could get used to this but hehe I’m just limiting this kind of lazy indulgence one day every week.

And oh, from Monday to Friday Chinks won’t be having classes coz of Pchum Ben Festival..I wonder, what’ll do to pass the time?

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