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Just $.50 Cents

Yes. I got a skirt and a top for only $0.50 cents. Hubby and I has been cruising around Phnom Penh one lazy afternoon when we came across an outlet shop selling second hand clothes. They were holding a 50% OFF all items coz they were planning to move to another place and want to sell out their current inventory.

I happily browsed and most stuff were for guys. But I found two things I really liked. An embroidered cotton sleeveless top and a grey cotton long skirt with a very cutesy design. Both were priced 2000 Riels (0.50) so two of them was supposed to be $1. Less their promotion, all in all got the pair for $0.50!

[singlepic id=79 w=350 h=400 mode=watermark float=center]

And I love both, very comfy stuff. They may not be branded stuff, not your usual dereon, but they made my thrifting day. Now, I’m just gonna find a nice worn out sneakers to pair this with.

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