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Itching to Go: Travel Wishlist

I’m really in the mood to go somewhere. So, what brought this about? I had been looking flights for my sister who’s going on vacation in April and I was also looking ┬ávacation home rentals and it just made me lapse into wishful thinking.

Where do I want to go? I think for the next two years, I have short list of places I badly want to visit. All of these are in Asia, because well, I can’t afford to go somewhere in Europe or North/South America yet. And also, right now I’m far more interested in the exotic appeal of these Asian destinations.

1. Vientiane, Laos – some call this place the forgotten city. Well, I wanna go there before they start remembering this place. Lol! I find photos of Laos hauntingly beautiful and just lures me like a siren. And best of all, its so near Cambodia that it’s quite easy making visiting this place a reality..

WatThatLuang Laos

image via WikiTravel

2. Hokkaido/Tokyo/Okinawa/Kansai Area, Japan – one of the cultures I find totally fascinating. I want to eat ramen, see the quirky Japanese fashion style, cherry blossom trees, visit the Royce Nama factory, experience the winter scenery in Hokkaido, be amazed at the urban architecture in Tokyo, take the subway,have a glimpse of Mt. Fuji, taste those weird flavored Pepsi’s and Coke’s. And get immersed in techie gadgets. I could go on and on about things I wanna experience here..

Image via traveladventures.org

3. Beijing/Yunnan/Guangzhou/Shanghai/Hainan China – enjoy Chinese traditional and modern culture, visit the Great Wall, get stuffed with Chinese food (I could never ever get enough of Chinese food), shop in Shanghai..


Image via greatwallofchina.org

4. Seoul Korea – eat bibimbap, kimchi and try other Korean food, drink soju on side streets, shop in Myeongdong, window shop in Apgujeong (i can’t afford luxury brands hehe) ogle Korean fashionistas, visit old palaces and temples, hop on their numerous parks, stalk Bae Soo Bin (Lol!) get a nose lift?? (hahaha, kidding!).

korean food

5. Nepal – I’m drawn by the, stunning sceneries, its alluring mystique, the fascinating culture, that sort of isolated appeal. I wanna visit all of Nepal, no specific cities. This is one place I really wanna explore, except I don’t have plans to reach the peak of Mt Everest. That is one thing too much for me…


Image via sasareport.co.uk

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