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Is This for Real?

I stopped seriously dieting. I wasn’t getting the results I wanted (weight loss) from dieting. Perhaps because I have always been eating healthy anyway and what I really needed more was to get out of the chair and exercise. Eating healthy and well is never an issue with me, since our family eats healthy. It’s a way of life for us, we eat a lot of veggies, fish, seldom meat and if its meat, its usually very lean meat. We usually stay on a very Cambodian/Chinese cooking/diet, which is really very healthy, very minimal oil and more on vegetables and protein from fish.

I’m also not a huge fan of chips and I rarely eat chocolates. I’ve been known to buy a big pack of chips and I can consume 1 pack  for weeks, since I’m quite content to eat a few pieces. If I eat too many of it, I tend to feel nauseous with too much salt.

So I deduced that my problem is really being sedentary. I have the feeling that I know this (subconsciously) but I was just refusing to acknowledge it. Lol. I really have some serious escapist tendencies. Unless I decide otherwise, its like banging your head on the wall in trying to convince myself that I have to get up and exercise.

Weight Loss

It’s been a few months and I’ve started doing low impact walking exercises. And what do you know, I was starting to get some toning. Nothing drastic about weight loss, just a few kgs here and there but I liked the toning I saw and I had more energy, not too lethargic.

After awhile though it seemed like I reached a certain weight loss plateau and a few weeks already, I can’t seem to shed off a few more kgs. Which was really disheartening. But instead of dwelling on it, I just decided to get more busy and do more things requiring me to move about.

It also helped that I’m now going to school every morning and this added activity kept me more busy. And after two weeks of not weighing myself and with no strict diet and just low impact exercise, I was so stumped to see that I lost about 5 kgs. So weird. But I must confess to being amazed!

I must be doing something right this past two weeks, I just don’t know what. I should figure it out soon and do more of it and see the results. Hubby suggest perhaps its because of the daily walks, and added light weight exercises. But I not sure. Whatever it is, I hope it continues. And I am seriously hoping I won’t gain it back. LOL!

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