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I’ve just recently discovered GMarket Global. The Korean equivalent of Ebay. I loooove Korean paper products, stationeries and they also have an awesome must try cosmetic brands. So I’ve been spending hours just poring over the uber cute merchandise, reading reviews and generally acquainting myself with how it works. This site needs a bit of patience but its all worth it because you get quality items {not to mention unique ones} at really low prices. And I also heard that Korean sellers are very generous with freebies. Hmmm, something to look forward to eh?

Anyway, after hours of browsing there I came across a site for super cutesy packaging. My friends and I usually join bazaars and I’ve been scouting for ideas specially since Christmas is just around the corner. And when I came across this seller { 꼼지락포장♡ } specializing in just adorable packaging, I can’t help but be inspired by its cuteness! I even baked a whole batch of butter cookies yesterday because I think that would be a nice thing to sell in bazaars! Lol! I’m thinking repackaging candies, trinkets and making home made goodies!

With an adorable packaging like these, and of course at an adorable price, who can resist?

Cute Korean Packaging

Cutie Korean Packaging

Those are just a few screenshots of the site and its products. As you can see I have a hard time picking out which one’s I like. I feel like hoarding it all. Hahaha. And those above are just the tip of a cutie iceberg. So check out this GMarket seller if you’re looking for cute packaging for your goodies.

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