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Inspired By Colors

You know what easily inspires me to create? Colors! I just see a combination of hues and I almost always think of some scenes with those colors. Although I know creative processes for different people are different, but for newbies like me, you might find it really helpful to jumpstart an idea with color schemes.

Since this technique is effective for me, whether I’m planning to make an digi scrap kit, a crochet project , a beaded jewelry, a template,or ¬†any graphic design, I then make full use of online resources and some softwares to generate some color schemes I could work with.

One of my current favorites is Color Schemer. I spend hours tinkering with this software, making color combinations and saving them for future projects. It’s a breeze to use and offers a lot of ways you can generate a color schema. Another plus is its ability to generate ‘web safe’ html color codes and drag and drop colors to quick preview!

I took some screen shots of the main features of the Color Schemer.

[singlepic id=44 w=350 h=350 mode=watermark float=center]

the color wheel.. makes picking colors a lot easier…


[singlepic id=45 w=350 h=350 mode=watermark float=center]

go online and browse user submitted color schemes


[singlepic id=46 w=350 h=350 mode=watermark float=center]

pick a color and the ‘live schemes’ will mix and match for you..


[singlepic id=47 w=350 h=350 mode=watermark float=center]

not sure about the right tone? use the color mixer..


[singlepic id=48 w=350 h=350 mode=watermark float=center]

have a photo with colors you love? upload the photo and the software will pick the colors for you!


[singlepic id=49 w=350 h=350 mode=watermark float=center]

sometimes I tinker with HTML/CSS designs and templates and this is the perfect tool to preview if I got the look I want..


[singlepic id=50 w=350 h=350 mode=watermark float=center]

i find this a very good tool for easier visualization..

There are also a lot of fabulous color scheme generators available online. Some are free, some require a fee. Picking one is really up to you and your needs. I would recommend checking out this post – 25 Popular Color Scheme and Palette Generators.

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