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I have a really cool mom. She’s almost in her 70’s but she’s such a gadget freak and a techie. She beats me hands down in a lot of PC games hahaha.. And she’s my daughter’s ‘idol’ when it comes to gaming. To her she’s the ‘Gaming Grandma’. Lol!

We don’t mind really. It’s fun and she’s having fun. Plus my dad says its a good thing she doesn’t nag him when she’s into games. Hahaha. True. If you need something from her, ask her when she’s in the midst of a game and she’ll readily give her YES answer. Like last time we asked her can she can give my sister a supplementary card from one of her credit cards, and she didn’t even bat an eyelash and said yes. lol! I’m pretty sure she regretted it afterwards..

Anyway, just recently her PC went bonkers and my dad is complaining.The two of them is just so funny. So now were thinking of buying her a hand-held gaming gadget, maybe a Nintedo XL or a new computer. I want to buy her a brand new PC but I’m sure the thrifty streak on her would want refurbished computers.

But whatever, my dad says we have to provide her with something to keep her busy with, pronto. Let’s she starts nagging him to do this and that again. Lol!

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