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I mentioned a few eons posts ago that I wanted to have some roses to grow. I got myself a few of them almost a month ago and just today, I had my first bloom. Lovely, lovely shade of red. I guess, they are not about to die on me so I take that as a good sign. If they continue to do well, I’ll be getting more..

Couldn’t resist to take a snapshot of the red bloom. And here’s the raw pic..

rose in bloom

The one below is tweaked with Photoshop. Aged and colorized. 🙂

rose in bloom

I just love plants! I wish I had a huge backyard and transform it into a garden. You know I have secret fantasies of having a greenhouse, a vast plantation home, of course with the requisite interior plantation shutters. One can dream right? Who knows sometime in the future we could make that a reality.

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  1. That’s a lovely red rosie!
    Let’s all buy lotto tickets para tumaas ang chances nating maging mayaman so we can afford what our hearts desires 🙂

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