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Impatient Momma..

I keep telling myself, I’m a mom, I should learn how to be patient. After all, I’m someone my child looks up to..

But there are just times, I could hardly contain myself. And sometimes, being so impulsive gets the better of me. I’m specially bad and so impatient when I’m waiting for a package.

I always get this giddy, excited feeling when I buy stuff online and it has already been shipped off. Just like last week, I ordered stuff from my favorite shopping site, Gmarket Korea. And one  of the items I bought (they consolidate for free!) was delayed for more than 5 days. I was ready to call the president of South Korea. Hahaha!

I know, I was being so self-centered, and what I bought were hardly matter of life and death stuff, just precious Christmas pressies, but I think I would still feel and act the same even if I just bought a piece of eye bolt. It was also aggravated by the fact that all items I have ordered from other sellers were already there and only that small item was the one delaying it being shipped out to me.

Let’s just say, I totally made a nuisance of myself with GM’s customer service. Lol.

And two days ago, they shipped the box out and I’m totally getting crazy with anticipation. And just about ready to curse  bug EMS here in Phnom Penh to hurry up. I had to remind myself, that its just 2 days past. Then, I suddenly remembered that its a holiday here on Monday and that will cause delay. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I really need a shrink, I think. Hahaha.

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