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I’m Yarned

I must confess to being just a teeny weeny bit OC when it comes to my creative crafts supplies. Only on this. On other things, I’m pretty much a cool, relaxed person Lol. I rarely do impulsive mad material buying. I could really be thankful I could control myself with other things.

But when it comes to my crochet and digital art hobbies, I’m really a goner. For one I have several HDD full of graphic tools and whatnots, ┬ámost of them I made, some of them downloaded.

And when it comes to crochet, I’m a terrible yarn hoarder. Why? A yarn texture or color, it inspires my next project. I’m not they type to search for a pattern, decide then buy yarn. I’m the total opposite. I buy lots of yarn, then whatever tickles my fancy I work on. Very good creatively speaking but very very bad for the wallet and storage space. Plus I leave a lot of yarns unused. See.. here’s my latest hoard:

Yarn Hoard

Bad me. I know. But I just love having them, and looking at them. I even have one crocheted basket full of cotton yarns sitting right next to my laptop just so I have something colorful and pretty to look out. Gah. I think I need some yarn help/therapy. Lol.

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