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I’m NOT a Pinterest Mom!

Yeah! It’s been a few months since I accepted this truth about myself. Hahaha!

It’s the same way I have long accepted I’m a person who has not one drop of the gift for music and that mm200 is nothing short of an alien word for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing Pinterest inclined people, in fact, I’m in awe of their talents. Those meticulous and very creative crafts are just stuff I could dream of making. And I’ve passed through a stage of trying so hard to do those inspiring crafts. But my Pinterest fate is not really agreeing with my fervor. My Pinterest inspired party planning for my kids were just so so.

And I figured I had been spending a lot of time stressing over details and losing sight of the bigger picture. Bigger picture = me and my kids enjoying stuff! So yeah, I quit Pinterest and couldn’t be happier. I still browse from time to time for pretty things but now I have the self-awareness not to be obsessed with it.

I sure wish I can make crafts that are pin-worthy but not everyone can so accepting this truth makes me happy. And besides I have friends who rock at crafts and there are times I asked them to help me out with parties etc, and you know what its awesome collaborating with these Pinterest rockstars!

So I think if you don’t have a craftsy bone in your body, don’t despair. Settle for what you can do (besides kids would hardly remember the details! they will remember the fun and your presence) or if you are dead set on having a picture perfect tea party, hire or ask help for those who are uber creative.


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