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I’m Expecting!

Oh yes! The stork came and gave us a very precious gift.  I’m expecting and now 9 weeks pregnant.

After years of trying and trying and to be honest almost giving up hope, I found myself pregnant with our second child. Quite unbelievable for me since my daughter is now 10 years old and for the past six years we’ve been trying to have a second child.

I was thinking there might be something wrong with either of us, but both of us were fine when we checked with doctors. I’m not sure how but I’m not second guessing anymore. I’m simply going to embrace this and we feel so blessed.

I’m being extra careful since I’m no longer young, I’m in my mid-thirties and also in a foreign place.

For now, I’m really taking good care of myself and I can never thank God enough for this blessing. Here’s to hoping to a healthy and easy pregnancy for me.

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I’m also reading this can never know enough about the miracle of pregnancy so even if this is my second child I’m still reading and learning a lot.

Of course, I’ll be updating the site about my pregnancy progress. Can’t help it, need to share the excitement. Cheers!

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