Rambling On

I Wish…I Wish…

I have just resurfaced from a really busy and tough weekend. Sigh.

Sometimes I feel really fatigued, but I often bounce back easily enough. It’s quite hard to not have a helper at home and I have to do most chores. I’m just really grateful that my husband is helpful around, and doesn’t complain if sometimes his shirts aren’t 100% perfectly ironed. Yes, sometimes oftentimes I fail. I had been known to burn a shirt or two.

Last weekend was busy though. We had a lot of socializing to do. Darn that social calendar. And I also had to rush around doing chores. So now I’m all rung out and  I just wish I could have a good back rub, maybe an aromatherapy massage.

And a pedicure would be nice.

Accompanied by a nice relaxing melody. I do wish I have a spa at home because sometimes I plan to have a day out in the spa and end up not going because I just too buzzed to go there. A little home pampering would be heavenly. I’m sure a lot of stressed out mom’s out there share the sentiment.

Well, I guess what I really really wish for right now is to put up my feet, forget about the day’s chores and relax a bit..

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