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I Want: Jollibean!

I’m really craving for this Singaporean fare. I’d take anything on the Jollibean menu. I miss it that much. But I’m wanting a glass of Jollibean soya milk or ice blended soya with sweet corn and peanut. Of course I want pancakes in cheese, peanut and green beans flavor. Lol. So what brought about this weird craving?

Well, I was browsing my photo archives, I came across some photos of Singapore the last time we went there. And I remembered eating a lot of Jollibean pancakes and maru cakes that time. I even bought a lot of pancakes and snacked on it while waiting for our flight to Phnom Penh.

Sigh. I really really want to eat this. Hahaha I wish somebody would open a franchise here in Phnom Penh. You’ve got a first customer already. If not, I just have to fly over there, and that would be the most expensive Jollibean meal I would ever eat. Hahaha..

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  1. @eric, its a singapore based food chain. i love the taste, not too sweet, just right. and soya is very healthy 🙂

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