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Hunting for an Entry Level Computer

Okay, now its starting to sink in to me that times have changed.

Whilst before {during my time.. hahaha!} we didn’t really need computers until I got into high school. But kids nowadays are well versed on gadgetry and are introduced to computer and technology at earlier ages.

While I try to regulate the time my daughter spends on the computer, I also acknowledge the need for her to be on her toes, to be aware of the current tech trends. Also, I realize she uses the computer for research for her school projects.

We have a family desktop she uses often, but lately its been really clunky {perhaps owing to its age?} and I didn’t really pay attention to its maintenance since only my daughter uses it. Hubby and I both have our work laptops.

So I thought, perhaps its time to buy her own computer. I’m mulling over getting her a desktop or an entry level laptop. I don’t want to buy something pricey since she will just be using it for word processing, browsing. And I’m really liking this deal.

Samsung NP370R

That’s the Samsung NP370R selling for $385 with Windows already {Phnom Penh based seller}. Whatchathink? Good for a 10 year old girl?

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