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How To Say ENOUGH!???!

Okay, I’ve been meaning to post something else, I was cruising some shops looking for some modern furniture and planned to post a few picks but I think I really had to relieve myself. Yes, I’m pissed and for me that happens rarely. You see a couple of weeks ago, while I was out shopping, two ladies came to our house. They were Christian missionaries and wanted to ‘enlighten’ us with their Christian ways.

Hubby talked to them for a bit politely of course, and told them that his wife is a Catholic. Apparently this piqued their interest and told him they will drop by again to talk to me. And they did. Almost on a daily basis. Even my usually mild-tempered husband said, its already bothersome. And they are so persistent, insistent. I have nothing against their religion, in fact, being a Catholic means we believe in similar things. I’m very open and receptive when it comes to religion and I never discriminate against anyone just because of religion.

But this is bordering on being invasive already. They come around around 2 pm and keeps just talking and if the door is closed they keep knocking. Also we keep our gate closed but unlocked and they have taken to letting themselves in. I hate to say this, but they are beginning to annoy me.

Take for instance this afternoon, I have a really pounding headache so I wanted to take a little nap but they keep pounding the door. Also, its hubby short rest time from work and he likes being left undisturbed checking his email or napping.

I’ve began avoiding them and I don’t know how to tell them ENOUGH. I told them countless times already that no, thank you we are firm in our beliefs and while we appreciate your efforts, please just direct these to someone else. But its not working. Maybe next time I’ll post a door sign saying we moved out already. Or which sign do you think would be effective?

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