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Hotel Hunting Task

We have several upcoming overseas trips and stopping by several cities. Not to mention some local vacations.

I’ve put off booking hotels because I was just busy and figured I’ll just do it in one swoop. I’ll be in Manila a couple of times and I’ve got to book places and I’m being extra picky because my mom would be with me. Now I’ve got hotels booked in Manila for a few days, then I also need another hotel for a week after we fly back from the province. Not yet decided where, but it has to be near airport, I don’t really fancy braving traffic and rainy season when I need to get to the airport asap.

I’m also looking for a hotel for our trip to Bangkok. It’s quite hard to find hotels with family rooms. And quite pricey. Sigh. But I want somewhere with easy access to transportation and I guess I have to iron out our itinerary, and point out where we want to go so I could just book a hotel there. You know, saving transpo cost and time, is worth getting a little bit pricier hotel. Saves me from tearing my hair out and we get to have a relaxing holiday.

Should be able to do all this within the week since I’m traveling next week already. And yes, I do ALWAYS pre-book. I’m no backpacker and specially if I’m traveling with a child or an older person, I prefer not to be too hassled. So best of luck to my hotel hunting. If you’re also hotel hunting, check out Agoda, its my fave site for great hotel deals.

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