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Home DIY Bonding Time

Some of my friends often ask me how we make our marriage work. What is the secret…All marriages are hard work. It so happened that my marriage is inter-racial, and we also belong to different religions. An added challenge to the mix is our choice to live in my husband’s home country so its a huge adjustment for us, especially me. So we do face a fair share of challenges but its also not hard.

As for the secret to making our marriage work {wow! we’re together for more than a decade already!!}, its a lot of things. But one of the main ingredients I think is doing things together, enjoying things together, even if its mundane. Anyway, that’s what we do, we love doing stuff around the house, we usually do home DIY projects during long weekends, holidays.

Nothing really beats this bonding time. We do tease each other a lot and sometimes we have arguments about how to go about the project, but its all fun. And the feeling is just incredible. This week we had lots of free time owing to a national holiday so we made this:

Home DIY - Shelves

We have tons of junk and nowhere to put it. Hubby also has lots of paper, school materials and books he can’t bear to be parted from and I also needed a nook for my crafting stash. So we made this shelf and place it on the wall on the foyer going to our kitchen. Now our ‘office’ is clutter free. Of course, it was hubby who made the whole thing, my role was simply the painting and helping with the bits and pieces and of course, the nagging.

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