Crafts Rambling On


I’m showing all signs of being a hoarder! A yarn hoarder, that is!

Ever since I became home-bound due to pregnancy, I went back to crafting and I unearthed my boxes full of yarns. I managed to make a couple of bags, and now I’m almost done with a pillowcase my daughter asked me to make. So I’m a bit in a panicky mode thinking what should I work on next?

I’m definitely the sort who just keeps twiddling something. I would probably die of boredom if I’m not doing any crafting right now. So, I’ve decided I want to make a baby blanket or maybe an afghan throw. BUT my yarn inventory doesn’t look so promising for an afghan throw. I want something cozy yet still lightweight since were living in the tropics.

Crochet Yarn

So today, instead of doing what I needed to do,  I spent a good hour or two yarn shopping. Sigh. Thankfully, I found a wholesaler but yeah, I’m definitely going the yarn hoarder way.


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