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just thinking-thought bubbleI’m in one of those moods. I can’t seem to stay put in the house for the past few days already, and I can’t seem to think of anything to post too. When I’m in this mood, well I just indulge. Last Tuesday, I met up friends for coffee, lunch and some thrift shopping.

Wednesday, I also went out for some shopping. Then, Thursday came I still felt restless. So I went over to my friend’s spa and had a whole body massage. I also ended up buying some kitchen items in a department store. Met up with a friend and ended up visiting another friend’s house.

Haha! I don’t like it when I’m like this but it allows me time to indulge and relax too coz when I’m working I tend to have a tunnel vision too. The bad thing is that, moving here and there and specially with shopping is bad for the budget. Lol! If this keeps up, I’ll be in need of payday advances already!

And just today, I met up again with friends, went to check out a Christmas bazaar where I also found sets of Christmas decor for our tree. Then we had a really sumptuous lunch at a Chinese resto, then we hopped on to visit several furniture stores, then back for some spa treatment again.

Hmmm, after going to and fro for the past few days, here’s what I could say – I’m beat! Lol! I hope I could settle down tomorrow..

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